Manager – Sara Wise

“I have been lucky to be part of the Base voluntary team since 2011. After joining the office team in April 2015, a short time after, I took over as Manager (September 2015). The Base had a very exciting 2016, with many positive changes, fun events and new faces. We are thrilled by increased attendance in all age groups.

The Base Youth Centre is a key fixture in the local community which enriches the lives of young people by providing them with opportunities to learn necessary life skills and encouraging a healthy outlook regarding personal and community wellbeing.

I am so passionate about The Base & totally confident we will continue to provide a ‘cool’ meeting place where young people can simply gather, have some fun relaxing and spending time together, and enjoy the various activities, games consoles and other equipment available, I simply love my job”.

Administrator – Sue Trussler               

My first experience of The Base was as an ad hoc parent helper when my eldest daughter joined back in 2013.

I loved it so much that 4 years on I’m now the regular volunteer leader for the Monday night session and work some daytime hours in the office covering administration and fundraising. Since late 2016 the team have been working extremely hard on many new and exciting ideas to engage young people aged from 7 – 17. The increased numbers we are getting through he door each week for both our regular clubs and shorter term ‘rotational’ courses such as Circuits and Babysitting is fantastic.

The team I work with are so passionate about providing for the young people of Hook that work doesn’t seem like ‘work’ at all.


MONDAY VOLUNTEERS:         Lorna Andrews, Tania Wilson

TUESDAY VOLUNTEERS:         Sara Wise, Sue Trussler, Pru Gayton, Sho Macken


THURSDAY VOLUNTEERS:       Sara Wise with Josh Chippington (Supersportz)

Regular volunteers:     Sandra Tidy, Tracie Bushnell